In the media

So far, Legien has mainly appeared on Dutch tv and radio, so apart from the descriptions the items are in Dutch.

06-11-2020 – Start met Fernando FunX
Sander, Fernandos stand-in, interviews Legien about the backgrounds of the amendment and what happens next.

05-11-2020 – RTL Nieuws – website
More extensive interview with Legien on the website of RTL Nieuws after it was announced that the ‘sex without consent’ bill would not be established, but that the current rape law will be amended instead.

05-11-2020 – RTL Nieuws
Interview with Legien in the evening news (item starts at 14:40) after it was announced that the ‘sex without consent’ bill would not be established, but that the current rape law will be amended instead.

30-10-2020 – Online article and video on
In the LINDA.original series ‘Sex against my will’, presenter Tess Milne speaks with several experience experts. In the second episode, Tess visits Legien (44) who sought help to deal with what happened to her and finally found the courage to talk about it after twenty years.

07-10-2020 – Online article on VICE
VICE interviewed three rape victims (Marcelle, Natascha and Legien) who oppose the Grapperhaus bill and asked what they encountered when they tried to report what happened to them to the police.

06-10-2020 – Start met Fernando FunX
Legien discusses the new bill from Mr Grapperhaus, ‘sex without consent’ and what impact her own experience had on her, with radio host Fernando.

21-08-2020 – 5 Uur show SBS6 Together with Dagmar Oudshoorn, CEO of Amnesty International Nederland, Legien was invited to discuss the new ‘sex without consent’ bill.

17-08-2020 – NOS Radio 1 journaal Interview with Legien about the Grapperhaus ‘sex without consent’ bill.

03-07-2019 – Pakhuis de Zwijger – Let’s talk about rape Rape culture, the implications of the #metoo-movement on the discussion about sexual violence and the role of language and terminology when talking about rape was discussed with Sohaila Abdulali, various experience experts including Legien, experts and key figures.

02-07-2019 – Met het oog op morgen (NOS Radio) Due to the publication of Sohaila Abdulali’s book What we talk about when we talk about rape in which she advocates talking about rape instead of avoiding the subject, Legien and her husband Stijn were invited to discuss the book and a graphic novel that shares this vision, edited by Stijn. Called Verhalen van Vrouwen (stories of women), the graphic novel features Legiens story among those of fifteen other women.

The broadcast was aired on July 2nd, 2019 and is included here in a selection of the past week. The interview with Legien and Stijn can be heard from 8:24 on.

28-05-2019 – NH Radio Interview with Legien and Stijn about the comic book Verhalen van Vrouwen (stories of women), how Legien kept her story to herself for twenty years and the impact of sharing.