Too many victims of sexual violence still carry their secret with them, unspoken. At the same time, they bear their own judgement about what happened to them. Not only does this leave the perpetrators unhindered, the effect strongly limits the victims themselves. Many victims blame themselves, which has a severely damaging effect; not only with regard to sexuality, but also related to their self-worth.

By openly sharing my story and entering into a dialogue with relevant public and political parties, I hope to contribute to making the subject more open for discussion and establishing a change of attitude: preventing the victims from being forced to carry the burden of abuse and placing it where it belongs – on the perpetrators.

I am one of the eight experience experts in Amnesty International Nederland’s action group that is critical about the new bill proposed by Mr Grapperhaus, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice: adding a new offence called ‘Sex against the will’ beside the existing offence of rape.
You can read here why I am critical about the new bill.

Free the Netherlands from guilt and shame.
Let’s talk about it!