About Legien

I am Legien and I experienced sexual violence.

I’ve worked in the business sector in various roles within ICT (software developer, software tester, quality coordinator and service coordinator) for years, and I’ve lived a double life just as long: in one life I was the go getter with a great family, and in the other I was lost and alone.
A few years ago, after almost twenty years, I filed a report of a rape that had happened to me at the age sixteen . As a result, the perpetrator was prosecuted and, in the end, convicted. It was only then that my road to recovery started.

The most important aspect was that I finally found the courage to share my story; at first in my immediate environment and later also with others. The effect was profound: not only was I freed from a heavy burden I had been carrying around for almost two decades, but by sharing my story I learned it was not my fault. I flourished in every single way, I didn’t just perform better in my work environment, but I also found the courage to do the things I had always wanted to, in life and in my sexuality. The sense of being liberated was intense and all-embracing. Because I wish the same freedom for everyone, I have committed myself to opening up the discussion about sexual violence.